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So, I think this is where I’m supposed to tell you about myself and maybe declare my manifesto.

I’m jes. I live in Albuquerque. I have a cat. I have a courtyard full of dying plants and thriving weeds.

Always, I have written for a living. Even when wasn’t my job description, it’s what I did. I have mostly written what I was assigned, in the way my employers wanted it said. I do write fiction, which I have come to admit is a hobby, but always with an eye to what might be publishable (usually not) or what people wanted to read (little evidence anyone did).

So my manifesto, in a nutshell: I’ll write about what’s on my mind, in the words I want to use. It might be fun.

I may eventually have some pictures here. It won’t be a lot unless I get to really playing. I was once a crazed photographer. Now I own three cameras, none of which works. The one on my cell phone works. I know it does because I have several pictures of my FULLY CLOTHED lap (Looking at you, Mr. Weiner) But you can’t use the pictures, you can just look at them on the cell. In any case, I’m a word person.

Should you feel inspired to contact me, you can do so at jesinalbuquerque at gmail dot com. That’s how all the big bloggers seem to write their email addresses.

Thanks for stopping by. That’s how all the big bloggers seem to end this section.


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